Our Commitment

The CVMA code of conduct and business practices reflects our core values: integrity, discretion, transparency, professionalism, discipline, respect, and courtesy.

CVMA Consultants is committed to upholding these values and giving each client:

  1. The straight story: We always provide our objective, unvarnished opinion—even if it means we cannot grant a loan request.
  2. Attentive followup: Generally speaking, the files we take on require the involvement of numerous stakeholders—specifically financial institutions, creditors, attorneys, notaries, and government agencies. To fulfill our mandate, we apply rigorous management based on a bond of trust established with each client. We further believe that this trust grows when all parties involved display mutual honesty and straightforwardness.
  3. Win-win solutions: We work with clients to forge mutually advantageous partnerships, formulating a consistent strategy that is fair, transparent, and based on your needs and objectives. In short, we believe that the best transactions are those where everyone wins.