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Analysis and diagnosis, consulting and negotiation

We employ a multi-pronged approach that starts with a clear diagnosis of the problem, followed by consultations and negotiations with creditors and other stakeholders. Our extensive expertise provides us with a clear understanding of the concerns of each party—be they creditors, attorneys, notaries, or government agencies—which helps us find the best solution for you.

Development of a winning financial strategy: Clear advice that can make a real difference

None of us are immune to the ups and downs of life, and illness, divorce, death, or unemployment can often result in serious financial problems. Whether you’ve received a 60 day notice, are behind with your payments, or struggling to make ends meet, we can help you regain control of your finances. We’ll do it by creating a strategy that respects your circumstances and preferences, reflecting CVMA’s commitment to providing attentive, personalized service.

Loans for the self-employed

Do you work for yourself, independent of any established company? When you’re paving your own way, it’s not uncommon for financial institutions to put up roadblocks—a scenario we’re very familiar with. But take heart, there are alternative ways to secure credit from traditional financial institutions. Sometimes self-employed professionals don’t actually need to borrow from private lenders—they just need smart advice. We will evaluate your situation, taking your goals into consideration, and draw up a strategy that suits your objectives.

Real estate consulting: At your service, with 25 years of experience

Over our 25 years in the real estate field, we’ve gained extensive knowledge and skills, the most important of which is understanding how the market behaves during its highs and its lows. Whether you’re seeking financing or advice, or looking to build, purchase, sell, or develop a residential or rental project, CVMA is your partner of choice. Our broad-ranging expertise is practical and our fees extremely affordable. Put our knowledge to work for you!

Repairing your finances and credit: Don’t wait until you are drowning in debt

Borrowing from private lenders has certain advantages but generally comes with higher short-term costs compared to more traditional alternatives. In some situations, a carefully formulated credit repair strategy may be the only way to turn your financial situation or credit score around. At such a crucial juncture, sound expertise is indispensable. Our goal is to rectify your precarious financial situation as quickly as possible so that traditional financial institutions will start making loans available to you once again—at lower rates. Private loans deliver on two fronts, stabilizing your finances and buying you time so that you can take the necessary steps to repair your credit. With CVMA Consultants, you’ll get much more than a loan: you’ll benefit from sound advice and attentive followup and support. We’ll help you regain control of your finances.

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